Single Hive Honey Tasting Kit


Enjoy a tasting treat from the Bees!

The best from our diverse apiary locations; kits include a bottle of vintage 2020 Don River River Single Hive Honey.

The tasting wheel adds a fun element as you learn to distinguish distinct honey aromas.

Sow the Native Plant Seeds to give back to the Wild Bees who share space with HoneyBees and support all Bees in the important work they do; pollinating our food.

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3 Single Hive Honey selections from our apiaries including a 2020 Vintage from Carrot Green Roof at the Don River

1 Honey Tasting Wheel

1 Flowering Native Plant Seed Pack harvested this Fall with sowing instructions

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Weight 812 g
Dimensions 8 × 3 × 5 in