Minogiin Kiitaaganens

Year One

50 young gardeners, 3 seed libraries, 5 gardens, 10 partner groups, 100+ Indigenous species, 2000+ volunteer hours, 2 greenhouses built and 1000+ Indigenous plants planted.

Designing, restoring, planning

Young members of McDowell Lake First Nation (MDL), Regional Multicultural Youth Council (RMYC) and Dennis Franklin Cromarty High School (DFC) have co-created a food security complex on the DFC grounds in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Thank you!

What a blessing to be generously supported by the United Steelworkers Humanity Fund.


Supporting food sovereignty

We have 3 new seed libraries to celebrate!

MDL, RMYC and DFC each have a diverse aray of precontact, heirloom, pollinator, herb and Boreal forest seeds, plus 3 new librarians!

Special thanks to Urban Harvest for seeds of distinction


Starting with sowing

Yarrow seeds started in late Winter

Boreal forest plants feed insects, birds, big and small mammals and humans too.


We built 2 greenhouses that will extend the seasons and provide plants for food and gardens on the DFC school grounds.

Sweet crop to be, Fall lettuce in one of the DFC greenhouses.


Just being Boreal

Inspired by woods where bears, lynx and humans are fed by the forest, our gardens provide a feast of berries, ferns, roots, grasses, needles and leaves.

They are also beautiful, peaceful places to hang out.

Connecting forces, we are growing healthy food, healing ourselves, restoring the forest and healing the planet together!

We are all connected.

Join us for YEAR TWO!