Pollinator Seed Paper

In this fun 2 hour workshop participants learn about pollinator needs and how seed paper (like seed balls) can help support bees and butterflies by germinating seeds into areas where pollinators forage.

Recycled paper scraps and seeds collected from pollinator gardens are combined with stunningly beautiful results. Enjoy customizing your own sheets with found natural objects like blades of grass or fern fronds.

Paper can be turned into cards and invitations and sent to friends and family so they can share in the joy of supporting pollinators. Messages can be crafted to the bees before planting the paper on an existing garden, an overlooked alley or a special place in the park.

We can bring all the ingredients and equipment to your location or invite you to one of our community spaces. We can also support you in advance to gather elements to personalize your pollinator paper.

This fun learning activity can be done with tiny or huge groups. Please get in touch to get a customized quote or chat about running your own activity.