Native Plants





Our Vision

A restoration and affirmation of a way of life,

lived in Nature Now

Bespoke Gardens

Each new garden shares the message of the bees, ‘ReWild it and they will come’. Connecting a garden network, building a sustainable community.

We’ll include food and medicine for your family and pollinators, linking areas with features that celebrate water, fire, stone and air.

Meadows, Rain gardens, Potagers, Orchards, Pollinator Hedgerows, Food Forests, Outdoor Classrooms, Greenhouses, Boreal and Container Gardens; customized to your space.

Native Plants

We grow healthy, restoration ready, trees, shrubs, forbs grasses and vines native to Carolinian Canada and the Boreal Forest.

As certified seed collectors, we can collect source identified seed and grow the plants you need for your project.

We are proud members of SER.

Ecologically Restorative Designs

Starting with the community, focused on land and wildlife, we monitor and plan for long term restoration of the landscape.

We speak for Nature.

‘I can imagine trying some of these (landscape styles) in the village’

Crane clan member, Mishi Sakahikaniing 


Our Vision

for a

Healthy Planet