Our Seed Libraries are now stocked with Orange Flower Memorial Seeds!

We offer our parters a fully stocked Seed Library, when they join the Minogin Gitiganis Society. Hosting a diverse array of Indigenous and settler species, these libraries support growers of all ages and experience.

We source seeds from many generous seed donations and ethical suppliers including Urban Harvest.

After eating delicious food grown from seeds, growers learn how to save and return the seeds to the library for the next season, the next gardener.

Seed Sovereignty

From seed to seed a library passes life from one hand to another. By holding onto the heritage and culture through traditional seeds, young people enjoy the gifts of their ancestors.

Healthy Habits

Setting seeds into the soil; caring for them and watching them grow leads to healthy connections with food and medicine plants. Just spending time in a garden reduces anxiety and depression. Relationships made in a community garden serve well as we continue to learn to grow.

Food Security

Feeding ourselves with food we’ve grown is an empowering experience. Sharing that food with others is too. Growing native food plants links us to this land in a very deep way. It is an act of reconciliation.

Have seeds to share?

Consider donating them to our Indigenous seed library network