Our learning circles are ᒥᓄᑭᐣ ᑭᑎᑲᓂᐢ!


We are building greenhouses, raised beds and gardens in Thunder Bay with the Regional Multicultural Youth Council, McDowell Lake First Nation and Dennis Franklin Cromarty High School.

Let’s build one together!

Our partners are growing food, supporting their local ecologies and creating beautiful spaces with their ᒥᓄᑭᐣ ᑭᑎᑲᓂᐢ Seed Libraries.

Slide03Each library contains herb, veggie, native plant and traditional native crop seeds.

Generous support from the United Steelworkers Humanity Fund, DFC, RMYC and McDowell Lake First Nation is making this goodness possible.


Promoting seed to table growing and awareness of nature’s abundance…

cree-planting-a-pepper.jpgdfc greenhouse pic w kaia



…the young partner members are building, planting and growing, together.



Join us in supporting healthy living, community connections and the joys of Nature.



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