Save the Wild Bees and Keep your Honey Bees Healthy

Bespoke Hive Tours

Experience the terroir of the apiary

Meet the Bees, the keystone species of our local ecologies

Learn about our food web and the wonderful ways that bees support it.

Introduction to Bees Online

1 Hour

Feeling the need to hear the zen buzzing of a bee in a flower? Catch a glimpse of a honeybee queen and check in on what the bees are busy doing at different times of the growing season. Hosted via Zoom, this will be a very eye opening experience!


Introduction to Bees Hive Tour

3 Hours

Join us for a multi sensory experience focused on the functioning of a honeybee hive. Learn why Wild Bees are even more important to feed and house in your own garden than honeybees. Visit the Queen, her daughters and sons.


5 person minimum 12 person maximum

Beginner Beekeeping Hive Tour

4 Hours

Starting with equipment and hive locations, this course will take you through what you need to know to set up your first hives. Learn the flow of a beekeeper’s year and how to handle your first harvest of Honey, Pollen and Propolis.


5 person minimum 12 person maximum

Intermediate Beekeeping Hive Tour

4 Hours

Do you already have bees and want to maximize your honey harvests or learn some tried and true best management practices? Learn about swarm prevention, splits, Winterizing and delve into the issues around pests and diseases and how to manage their effects on the colony.


5 person minimum 12 person maximum

Advanced Beekeeping Multi-Hive Tour

6 Hours

Filled with important concepts and advanced learning opportunities you will gain an understanding of how closely tied to the land, and each other, bees really are. Learn unique ways to produce a superior honey product, how to manage multiple colonies at one site and how to develop an operation over many apiary sites.


5 person minimum 12 person maximum

Honey Tasting

2 Hours

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to enjoy the flavours from multiple hives in an apiary or we’ll bring all the table settings to your location. Honey tastings can be combined with any of our other tour offerings and customized specifically for your group. Get in touch for a combination quote. Delicious pairings of local cheeses, fresh bread, fruit and greens, nuts and beverages will make this an event to remember. All our honeys are unblended, unpasteurized and unfiltered; the work of only one Queen and her daughters.


5 person minimum 12 person maximum

That was life changing!

Christina Hoang

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