Honey Tastings

Bespoke Honey Tastings are designed to suit your event and your palate.

Fresh local pairings include organic cheeses, apples, home baked honey lavender scones along with many other delectable possibilities.

The honeys selected are chosen for their flavour and diversity as well as their local source, organic methods and in the case of international selections, their unique varietals as well.

Gorgeous table settings allow for the glorification of honey, pollen and propolis, telling the story of how honey gets its flavour, through the magic of flowers.

Perfect for connecting your guests to the local terroir, drop us a line, we’d love to be part of your next event.

Urban Bees

beekeeping in an artful ‘hood

Learning Hives

Pollinator and Beekeeping Education

The Art of Beekeeping and Landscaping and the Ecology relationships of Pollinators

  • Classes and Workshops at diverse Southern Ontario locations.
  • Seasonal opportunities to get up close and personal with the insects that pollinate our food in Meet the Pollinators Walks.
  • Learn what to grow to enable flowers to feed and provide homes for bees.
  • Build a bee house
  • Take part in honeybee hive checks.
  • Experience the honey harvest in all its golden glory

To take a class or co-host an event, reach us on the fly here.


bee w wax chits

Bees spin wax from honey. Tiny chits emerging through pores in their abdomen.

Salivary secretions added to the wax help to soften it, and gift the wax its golden hue.

Brightest glowing, its warm attractive scent purifies the air as it burns.