Sweetness from the Bees

Taste the Sun’s energies magically transformed into delicious and diverse elixirs, by none other than your loving local Bees.

The perfect gift for the dark season that bodes.

Nectars from your glorious gardens have been transformed by our local bees into exquisite flavours and aromas. Perfect for tasting parties!

Each honey represents the entire year’s work of one Queen and her daughters. Single hive honey is extremely rare!

Coming from your neighbourhood gardens means that it has the most wonderful health benefits for you. Perfect for treating your pollen allergies, honey is full of amazing properties infused by flowers essences and amino acids that bees add to the nectar.

bee echinacea

Trace minerals, organic enzymes, vitamins B, C and magnesium, honey also contains pre- and probiotics, and an array of flavonoids and phenolic acids that serve as antioxidants.

Honey contains a number of different acids, including 18 amino acids, many different organic acids, as well as aliphatic and aromatic acids. The aromatic acids greatly contribute to the flavor of honey, so delicious!

Honey is actually acidic staying at a pH of approximately 3.5 even when diluted. This is what provides its enduring storage life. In your body however, it is alkaline forming, which is perfect for your continued health.

Antiviral and antibacterial honey is a super wound healer too, but these honeys are so delicious you will have a hard time keeping them in your medicine chest. Solution, buy two bottles!

We will be selling Alter Eden single hive honeys for as long as our small batches last.

Small Batches are labeled to reflect the Water closest to the Bees’ homes. Water is Life!

West Queen West Pollinator Paradise

Hives close to lost river Garrison Creek. The Bees live in Logie Place community garden, a lovely urban ag sanctuary for local artists and residents.

Warm, sweet and golden. Evoking the diversity of the Trinity Bellwoods neighbourhood and the super cool BIA planters of WQW.

Frank Crescent  on Bracondale Hill is another Garrison Creek Honey. The Bees share a backyard with a beloved friend. They are visited often by a network of sweet gardeners.

Frank Crescent honey is clear white and tangy, with notes of the Elderberry growing on the grounds.

Saugeen River is a rural gem. The Bees live in a Grey County meadow with lots of access to the medicines they derive from trees.

Saugeen River honey is deeply golden hued with an earthy, smokey  flavouring.

Shaw’s Creek The Bees live in a meadow of Dandelions, Milkweed, Asters and Goldenrod on the GoodLot Hops farm on Caledon Mountain.

The Asters in the field turn the Bees’ honey into a buttery cream delight. This is the PERFECT honey for spreading on fresh-baked breads.

Carrot Green Roof Near the Don River, the Bees are dedicated to beloved theatre and sustainability mentor Patrick Conner.

Clear, light, amazingly complex, with a minty finish, this honey is a rare gift.

honey bottles x 2

Urban Queens and their daughters have produced honey that meets the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs’ standards for Grade One, White, Ontario Honey.

White Honey is among the most rare and while delicate in flavour, we’re sure you will find the aromas and tastes extremely complex, diverse and tantalizing.

We’d love to hear what flower essences and flavour notes you perceive!

honey bottle soldiers

Prices for small batch, single hive honey:

4 oz apothecary bottles = $12.50

8 oz apothecary bottles= $24.00

4 oz Tasting Kits – 3 apothecary bottles + a honey tasting flavour wheel = $35.00

8 oz Tasting Kits – 3 apothecary bottles + a honey tasting flavour wheel  = $69.00

me wqw honey event

Buying Alter Eden Honey will help support your local beekeeper, committed to caring for the health of all pollinators, including our 364 native Toronto species of bees and over 150 species of Butterflies.

my hand city cider

Blessed Bee!