Beeswax crafting circle

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Join us for an aroma filled afternoon with gifts from the Bees.

On December 3rd, join beekeeper Gillian Leitch on a sensory tour from a Bee’s eye view.

Location: Carrot Green Roof, Room 212, 348 Danforth Avenue.

Time: 12-4:30pm

Craft a giftworthy pair of golden tapers and face friendly lotion with Ontario beeswax
Dipping candles is meditative and a lovely way to spend an afternoon with fellow Bee lovers and new friends.
Lotions made with simple natural ingredients are gentle and kind to you, just like the Bees.

Learn How to save the Bees in your own backyard
Pollinators provide food for us. Find ways to tweak your favorite spaces to provide food and shelter for them.
Bring pictures of your garden or balcony and we will chat you through primping them for pollinators.

Taste diverse floral bouquets reflecting the terroir of Toronto honey
Enjoyed with seasonal local pairings we will reflect on a Summer’s worth of Bees’ bounty.

Cost for the workshop is $35.00 and includes all materials. Floral and other decorating elements will be on hand to create truly personalized crafts. 

Honey, candles and lotions will also be available for purchase.

Head home with gifts to share and your senses filled with Bee essences.