Pollinators Promote Love

canoe w aidan and verlinVerlin Lloyd James, Zora Ignjatovic, Aidan Dahlin Nolan, Leigh Paulseth, Brother Nature…                      Photo: Gillian Leitch

Proof that getting dirty in a pollinator patch (or Community Canoe) can have long term benefits for your love life.

Creator of the Community Canoe project Aidan Dahlin Nolan (diggin’ in on the left) and lovely Leigh Paulseth (dirty hands on the right) celebrated their love this Spring in a beautiful ceremony with a carpenter bee flying over their heads as they exchanged vows.

Pollinators helped plants sexually reproduce inspiring the creation of the first drop of nectar 135 million years ago. It’s been a love-love relationship ever since.

The history of this relationship is fascinating, including the divergence of bees from wasps, When the wasp eventually evolved to feed its offspring purely on pollen, it had become the first bee.

Community Canoes have sprung up all over; the one pictured planted a few years ago at the Indigenous Waterways convergence.


Some of us wore long skirts to communicate with the Earth, others wore business casual, like Verlin Lloyd James, sweetly smiling at his pollinator love prospects.