The Science is IN!

Our Bees Love Roses

It is with great pleasure that we share with you the finalists in the

‘Flowers our Bees Love’ Lab Test.

Our Carrot Green Roof~Don River Honey’s pollen test reveals…


…the bees big love for Rose Family flowers.

The palynologist tells us that up to 42% of the flowers they visited were of the Rose Family which includes Rowan, Hawthorn, Apple, Cherry, Plum, Pear and Serviceberry trees. Aronia, Rose, Raspberry, Strawberry and many more flowering plants and bushes found in your gardens as well.

To taste some of this loveliness, visit our annual honey tasting in the back garden.


Our bees visited tons of Linden Trees too.

linden tree

Have you ever noticed this ‘Bee Tree’ (of the Tilia genus, also called Basswood and Lime). In Spring, full of myriad species of winged creatures.

Flowering trees support bees who pollinate a wide variety of beautiful and tasty food.

rose under SEM

‘The breathtaking shots show that these floral displays did not evolve to please our human senses, but instead serve the single purpose of attracting insects that will help pollinate the plant and allow it to reproduce.’

Sumac is another favourite. Lots of pollen from this native tree and shrub genus was found in their honey.

Our bees also gathered a diet high in Magnolia, Dogwood, Mustard, Buttercups, Virginia Creeper, Thistle and Clover; in that order.

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is packed with naturally diverse pollen, 

ae honey in muth

Thank you!

This wonderful scientific endeavour was made possible by The Big Carrot’s Nature’s Finest Fund. 

Many classes and garden groups visited the Bees this year supported by the Carrot Cache. Thank you too!


From the makers of abundance,

Thank you for your support and all the delicious flowers in your lovely gardens!