Pollinator Seed Balls

Get your hands in the earth, sculpting seed balls to support pollinators

Activism AND gardening all rolled into one!

Throw these into a yard, alley or park that you think needs more native plants, where it will get rained on and not mowed down, and watch beautiful flowers grow.

Throw them in your garden or in a planter on your balcony!

Learn some fun tips you didn’t already love sharing, with the Pollinator Planting Guide.

Benefits to throwing seed balls:

Pretty flowers make people smile

Invasive plants get pushed back

Wildlife get food and habitat, especially bees and butterflies

Our Pollinator Seed Ball Kits are a fun way to support nature at home, with your class or at your next event.

We supply:

  • Custom blends from our collection of hand-harvested seeds
  • Red clay
  • Organic soil + compost mix
  • Pollinator education
  • Instructions and inspiration for more activities