Wild Bee Homes

Wonderful gardeners, how many of you have thought about where the bees, buzzing in your garden, live?

They live in your garden!

Wild bees (400 different species in Ontario) live in the ground and in cavity nesting spots like the stems of flowering plants, dead wood, unused burrows, and even gently in holes in home masonry.

We can just be less tidy with our gardens, that will help a lot.

Leaving some spaces unwatered, unmulched, and uncultivated will allow wild bees to make homes in the ground. More than half of our wild bees live in the ground. Have you noticed their tell-tale holes on the slope of a well worn path in the grass?

Within 100 meters of the flowers they feed on.

Building wild bee homes is a fun activity for all ages.

Invite us to your next event or we can host a build at one of our shared community spaces.

We will provide all the materials and suggest some recycled items to bring along to customize your new bee homes.