Wild Bee Homes

Bees live in your garden!

Mount Dennis’ SuperCoffee hosts AlterEden Bee Homes

Bees live within 100 meters of the flowers they feed on, so if they are eating in your garden, some of them likely live there too.

Wild bees live in the ground and in cavity nesting spots like the stems of flowering plants, dead wood, unused burrows, stone and wood.

Keeping gardens less tidy will help bees find homes

More than half of our wild bees live in the ground. Their holes can be seen on slopes of well worn paths, or at the edges of garden beds.

Leaving some spaces unwatered, unmulched, and uncultivated will allow wild bees to make homes in the ground.

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Build and decorate your own bee home with a pollinator educator

We provide all tools, materials and supplies to customize your own bee home for cavity nesting bees.